Slide At Rand Capital We are focused on providing the
best financing solutions for each deal and every client.
Our personalized service along with our
blue-collar work ethic will give you the peace of mind to focus
on acquiring new deals to grow your business.

Slide Agency Debt Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac are number one in lending
when it comes to multi-family. They offer relatively
high levels of leverage, low interest rates and
certainty of execution to a broad range of borrowers.
Slide Bank Bank debt provides the option for flexible lending on different
asset types. Banks have lower up front restrictions and put more
significance on the Pro-Forma and the guarantor's financial strength.
Due to their being a wide variety of banks and niches that banks
operate in, their terms and rates can vary widely. Having a
relationship with multiple banks or with an intermediary
that can connect you with a quality bank is vital.

Slide CMBS Debt Commercial mortgage-backed securities are marketed through Wall
Street investment banks. CMBS lenders make individual loans to investors
which are then packaged and sold as securities.
In certain market cycles they will provide rates and terms
that are competitive with Agency Lenders.
Slide Bridge Debt Very often, a property does not qualify for traditional lender
programs for various reasons including: vacant properties,
properties with un-stabilized occupancy, properties in need of
major repair or remodeling, properties that do not cash flow
or are underperforming, or loans that must close with a very quick timeline.
The best solution in these cases is a bridge loan.
Bridge loans are short-term loans that allow the
investor the time and capital to reposition a property in order to qualify for
traditional bank loans in the future.