Very often, a property does not qualify for traditional lender programs for various reasons including: vacant properties, properties with un-stabilized occupancy, properties in need of major repair or remodeling, properties that do not cash flow or are underperforming, or loans that must close with a very quick timeline. The best solution in these cases is a bridge loan. Bridge loans are short-term loans that allow the investor the time and capital to reposition a property in order to qualify for traditional bank loans in the future.

Loan Amount: Above $1MM
Term: 6 months to 3 years (extension options available)
Interest Only: Full term
Loan to Cost: Up to 80%
Pricing: Fixed and variable options
Occupancy: No occupancy restrictions
Recourse Requirements: Non-Recourse options available
DSCR Requirement: None

Exit Options:
Pre Payment: Varies depending on time frame and lender